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 What is Project 404: Child Not Found
The purpose of Project404 is to help find missing children by uniquely using an under-used Internet resource. The intent is to develop a solution that would be widely accepted, easily implemented, and affordable. We accomplish this by displaying missing children information in a Flash overlay on donated 404 pages. We work closely with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to ensure the quality of the missing children data. If you or your organization runs a website, you can donate your 404 pages to this worthy cause by signing up here.

 What are 404 Pages?
When surfing the Internet you may have come across a page that says 'Page not Found'. This occurs when a surfer tries to access a page on the server that does not exist. Common reasons for this happening are misspelled URLs, broken links, old bookmarks, outdated search results and deleted pages.

When you donate your 404 page to Project404, the surfer will briefly see up-to-date missing children information before being presented with your current 404 page. The flash overlays were designed for minimal impact on your current operation.

 How Do I Get Started?
Getting started is simple. Just fill out the sign up form, where you will choose your username and password. Then you can login to the members area where there is detailed information on how to add your 404 page to our network.

Development for Canadian version begins.

Beta version is live.

Q. Will I lose my 404 page?
Project404 works even with custom 404 pages by briefly displaying the information in a flash overlay.

Q. Will this cost me anything?
No! All the images are hosted by us and will not result in any extra bandwidth costs.

Q. What will it look like?
Click here for an example of Rochester Institure of Techology's 404 page with the flash overlay.